The Basics and Uses of Long-Tail Keywords

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Long tail keywords play an important role in the search engine optimization (SEO) as they increase the volume of traffic to your website or blog . If you use long-tail keywords properly, your page can attract traffic from the search engines. The greatest advantage that long tail keywords provide you is that they completely bypass your main competition; ensuring that only the targeted traffic views your website first, making you earn the maximum pay-per-click advertising dollars. This magical technique is smart and free SEO for your blog or website.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

LongTail keywords are the group of words or the various phrases that are not frequently searched. These are very helpful when a website wants to refine few search terms and are also is quite effective if a user wants to search for something specific. Long tail keywords are similar to the normal keywords in a way as they are very useful in defining the contents of a page, that is, defining what is required by the publisher to be found when people search on internet. The major difference is that long-tail keywords are very specific in nature, hence do not draw in much traffic to a particular site. The traffic that they attract is usually of high quality, or quite relevant leading to lot of conversions than what is typically produced by normal keywords.

Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords help in boosting both organic traffic as well as potential searches that return to your site. As mostly, people are searching for more than one word, a long tail keyword widens the pool of targeted traffic. High organic traffic improves search rankings. Good-targeted traffic means more sharing, increased return readers and overall, more value for you and for your visitors. Considering a detailed search phrase, “Using long-tail keywords for boosting traffic,” the user should find the exact phrase that he is looking for. This is how good quality traffic is diverted to your blog or website. If you are specific in your keywords, there are high chances that you will be ranked at the top.

What You Should Do with a Long-Tail Keyword?

After you have successfully searched for the long-tail keywords, you must optimize your website in order to accommodate them. You can customize your webpage in two different ways:

  • Creating the new content for your page
  • Changing the existing contents in your page

It is generally recommended to create fresh content for your webpage rather than making changes in the existing content of the page. This technique is very effective as when the number of pages on your website is increased, the chances that it appears in the search engine results also increases. Another important point to focus is that you would not be required to make changes on a particular webpage that already has good rankings. Regardless of whether you create new contents of your page or you change or write a new page, you are required to follow the rules of SEO. The main aim is to create good content and to ensure its usefulness and value to the potential customers.

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