To anyone with a blog trying to make a buck online...


I'm going to show you how to get MORE people to your site AND have them clicking on links that make you money... In seconds...

Turn a page like this...

Into a page like this.



The more you get your visitors to click, the higher your rankings get and the more your targeted visitors actually end up on your money pages... Whether it is an affiliate link, an Adwords ad, a CPA offer, you name it... the money is only made when you get MORE people clicking on the right links!

My Keyword Plugin gets this done in seconds...

It finds monetizeable keywords for you... it turns them into links for you... Improves your rankings and gets visitors to click on links that make you Money - FAST!

Hi, Walter Bayliss here. For those that still dont know who I am, I'm a 6 figure internet marketer & software developer. Ive been doing it for the last 6 years and that's how I make my living. And in addition to having those product sites out there that I constantly work to boost in the rankings and bring in traffic I also have hundreds of domains that bring in revenue from ads and affiliate marketing.

Knowing how valuable it is, to have the RIGHT linking structure on my sites, I needed to create a piece of software, that could instantly give my sites a boost in their rankings as well as REALLY monetize the content from those sites with each and every word posted.

From an internet marketers perspective and someone who looks to see what is working and what isn't, I see great content all over the place but I also see that content NOT making any money. THAT is why the Keyword Plugin was created. For my sites - to do better and earn more. And for a limited window of time, I am making this plugin available so that you can transform your blog from what it is today into a cash sucking, traffic getting behemoth in seconds.

With Keyword SEO Plugin you can

Create thousands of Longtail keyword links in seconds

Get people clicking through your site instead of clicking away from it

Get much rankings because of a lower bounce rate

Make tons more money as people click on affiliate links

...all with a few clicks of a mouse.

But Walt,

can't I just hire an outsourcer to just copy and paste links all over my site?

No, that will not work. First of all, it will be many times more costly. Second of all, Google has a criteria for how it judges links.

  1. Does it have the keyword of the page in the link?

    (If not, then the link does not hold the same value.)

  2. Is there variety of keywords?

    (if Google sees that the same words are being used all the time, then that triggers the "spam" alert.)

  3. Does it link to a relevant page?

    (if you're just randomly linking - Google can spot this as well.)

So your solution has to

Make sure the right keywords are used in the links.
Make sure there is a very high variety of keyword combinations in all the links.
Make the links available within the text (Like Wikipedia) as well as after the body of your blog post.
Connect as many relevant pages of your site together with links that have the right keyword in them.
Make sure to connect old blog posts that are so deep in your site even YOU forgot them.

And that is what my plugin does.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, not only can you create a ton of contextual links within your blog posts...
this plugin also:

Steal the keywords of the highest ranking sites in your niche (These are the keywords they rank for highest for).
Creates amazing SILO structures for your SEO content (with just a few clicks!) more slaving away or needing to hire someone to do this. This software will do this automatically.
If you're not sure what a silo structure is, it is a way of creating interlinks that reduce bounce rates, higher click-throughs and improved rankings.
But don't worry, I show you how to do it in the instructions.

Watch as we setup an incredible SEO silo structure

"I had a site stuck at #8 for months and went through and organized it in a silo manner and within a few days it was up to #4 and then eventually #2 (#1 was one of the biggest companies in the world and a PR8) ~Headstart"

Optimizes each and every link for
maximum Affiliate earnings

Watch as we maximize each link for money

The Keyword Plugin also has an easy to navigate central dashboard for complete link management (and even across multiple sites!)

As you can see, the dashboard:

Watch as we create hundreds of links
in seconds.

Here's what others are saying about the Keyword Plugin...

And if you're not already totally blown away by this,
here's another BIG-GUN feature of this plugin...

Simply put... its a link that connects two RELEVANT PAGES OR POSTS. RELEVANT IS THE KEY HERE. If it is not relevant, you don't get the power. A blog with (lots of) traffic and just a few contextual links is probably making little to no money. Yet a blog with less traffic and more contextual links, will start getting more traffic, improve search engine rankings, and generate extra revenue, exponentially. If you have multiple blogs as I do, you'll find yourself spending days and nights managing links and keywords. This is not what will make you BIG money. But not having those links inside your blog, will loose you BIG money!

That is important, so read that part again...
Contextual linking and internal backlinking are key on-page SEO factors.

PLUS the statistics are PURE.

Contextual links get FAR more clicks that ads or banners on sites.
The more relevant back-links you point to a particular post on your blog,
the better your Google (SEs) rankings, this is a known fact!

Let me show you what I mean... When you type just about ANYTHING into google - Wikipedia ranks near the top. ONE of the reason's for that is because Wikipedia has so many of these CONTEXTUAL LINKS.

Here, let me show you...

If you want to out-rank your competitors,
you not only need back-links from other people's sites and blogs...
but you need to make sure the link has the keyword you want to rank for.

This plugin does this for you!

Simply. Easily and without any need for hours crafting
and creating each link and the pages to point to.

But to sweeten the deal
I'm throwing in this bonus for you...


As a thank you for picking up the Keyword SEO plugin, You will also receive 9 Bonus EXPANSION PACKS. These are ready to go, keyword expanders that you can simply upload and instantly multiply your long tail keyword list.

Add in the 'Buying' Expanders... the 'Review' Expanders...
Or even - all the Cities of the United States, UK and Australia
Your keyword list just exploded - but only when you take action now to purchase the Keyword SEO plugin.

The greater the variety of keywords you use, the more "natural" and organic your site is seen by Google as well as human visitors.

So what are you waiting for. Just get the plugin now. It's been tried and tested... it works... it's awesome. And you
have a money back guarantee. Just email me and I'll give you a refund if you choose to do that.

Look, I really want you to get this. I want you to get results. I USE this plugin. I developed it for me first of all!
So if you're still on the fence here's what I've got for you...


RIGHT NOW - you can get a FULL MULTISITE version of the plugin. Meaning, that you can set up the Keyword
Plugin on an unlimited number of sites that you own.

This is STRICTLY limited. As each site install of Keyword Plugin is valued at $47.
Right now you can install on UNLIMITED sites for a Single Fee.

Get it, download it, and see the results! I'm here if you have any questions, alright?

SPECIAL MultiSite (Unlimited) For Keyword SEO Plugin

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